Gold Rush Panning Kit Review (Pay Dirt Gold)

What It Is

The Discovery Channel show Gold Rush follows the lives of several men as they mine for gold in Alaska, the Klondike, and Guyana, and now kids can do the same from the comfort of their homes with the Gold Rush Panning Kit. The kit comes with a 12-inch gold pan, a glass vile, a snuffer bottle, a certificate of authenticity, and a one-pound bag of Pay Dirt that is guaranteed to contain gold. The actual amount of gold will vary by kit. You'll also need a large bucket, water, and tweezers.

Once all your supplies are gathered, you're ready to mine. However, it's very important and helpful if you go to and watch the "How to Pan for Gold" video hosted by Parker Schnabel from the show Gold Rush. The video shows you how everything is used and offers advice for the best technique so that you can more easily find your gold. You're trying to tilt the pan in such a way that the lighter materials wash into the bucket and the heavier materials (gold) sink to the bottom of the pan.

Once you've mined the included bag of Pay Dirt, your can order additional bags of Pay Dirt to mine again.

Is It Fun?

Fans of the Gold Rush TV show as well as science and history will have a lot of fun mining for gold at home. We like that the Pay Dirt contains at least some gold, which will help kids feel successful and just like a real gold miner. You're not going to find the gold right away and getting the technique down will take some practice, but the play and fun is all in the process of finding the gold.

Who It’s For

The Gold Rush Panning Kit is for ages 5 and up. Adult supervision is recommended. Obviously, this kit will appeal most to fans of the show Gold Rush.

What To Be Aware Of

This is available online at or

Make sure your large bucket is deep enough and wide enough to accommodate the 12-inch gold pan. Without the proper size bucket, you will have a much harder time getting the right technique down and finding your gold. The how-to video shows you the kind of bucket that is recommended, but we're not sure how many people have a similar bucket lying around at home.

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