Stretchkins Review (Blue Banana Group)

What It Is

Stretchkins is an all-new line of super stretchy, life-size plush characters from Blue Banana Group that put a fun twist on classic stuffed animals. Unstretched, Stretchkins are about 32-inches tall, but stretch them out by their arms and legs and they grow to nearly double their size (about 60 inches). They feature exercise-like bands in their limbs that allow you to stretch them out with resistance. On their hands and feet, there are elastic bands that easily slide onto your feet and hands so you can do jumping jacks with the characters, roleplay with them, or simply dance and jump around.

Is It Fun?

The size and cuddle-factor of these stuffed characters make Stretchkins great bedtime companions, but its their stretchy quality that make them unique. We also think they encourage kids to get up and active as they play. Kids will have fun strapping the characters to their hands and feet and moving around with them.

Who It’s For

Stretchkins are for ages 3 and up from Blue Banana Group.

What To Be Aware Of

The foot straps on these characters will likely get dirty overtime with use. Stretchkins are spot clean and air dry only, so you may want to save your stretchy dance moves for indoor use.

The current line includes the following characters: Striped Tiger, Red Dragon, True Blue Elephant, Playful Puppy, Pretty Unicorn, and Jumping Frog.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy