miWorld Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery Review (Jakks Pacific)

What It Is

The miWorld Mall Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery is a miniature version of the mall store, and it comes with a variety of tiny accessories so you can create your own miniature replica of the mall store. Once assembled, there's not that much to do with it on its own. You'll need to get the miWorld figures that are sold separately. There are also other stores that you can buy and connect.

It also has a free app that works with it and allows you to put a virtual shopper in your playset. The app has stand-alone play, such as games and other shopping and the ability to customize your character.

Is It Fun?

For kids who like to play shopping mall, this playset can be engaging. However, the interaction with the app leaves much to be desired.

Who It’s For

The miWorld Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 40 minutes to put together, and it should probably be assembled by an adult.

The app was a little frustrating to use with the store. It has to be positioned just right so the figure shows up, and once you do that, there really isn't that much to do with it. It's definitely a clever concept, but it needs a little more interactivity and play.

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