Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple White Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Ever After High Getting Fairest Apple White is part of the Ever After High Getting Fairest doll collection. Apple White, like her fellow Ever After High schoolers, is getting ready for True Hearts Day. Apple White comes dressed in princess-like sleepwear—a red nightgown with lace trim, a pink robe, and pearly white slippers. Apple's hair is also accented with an apple-shaped clip. The doll comes with a "guilded" vanity to store two tiaras and a mirror, which are also included. In addition, there is a destiny key-shaped comb and doll stand.

Is It Fun?

With this doll, girls can continue to roleplay the Ever After High storyline as well as create their own destinies for the dolls.

Who It’s For

Ever After High dolls are for ages 6 and up.