Disney Beat the Parents Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

Disney Beat the Parents is a Disney trivia game with questions in four different categories. The questions are designed for both kids and parents. (The easier ones are for the kids and the more difficult for the parents.) To play, create two teams—kids versus parents. You can have as many or as few people on a team as you want. Separate out the wild cards and the blue question cards, shuffle each deck, and you're ready to play. Each team places two markers on the board in the start spaces. On each turn, draw a card and answer the question for your group—kids or parents. There are four different types of questions—Disney Detective, where you have to find the missing character in a picture and answer other questions; Name the Character, where you get a series of clues to figure out who the character is (with clues as to whether it's a Disney or Pixar character); Pop 10, with 10 answers to questions played against the timer; and My Wonderful World in which you have to guess how your opponents will answer an A-B question. The wild cards have a variety of challenges from singing to acting out something to guessing about other players. You move ahead different numbers of spaces depending on the question, and the winning team is the first to get their marker all the way to the other team's starting space.

Is It Fun?

This is obviously a game for players who know their Disney trivia. We thought that some kids might have a better shot at some of the parents' questions than older folks, and you really need to know a lot about these characters to play. We were also a little confused why The Genie and Abu from Aladdin were classified as Disney Princesses, so what's supposed to be a hint may not help all that much. Still, for Disney families who are serious about their Disney fandom, this is a fun, well-designed game that will engage everyone.

Who It’s For

Disney Beat the Parents is for Disney fans ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The original Beat the Parents board game is also available.

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