Train Review (Scholastic)

What It Is

This new book details a day in the life of all sorts of trains – a commuter train, passenger train, overnight train, freight train and a high-speed train. Readers "climb aboard" a red-striped commuter train in the East, switch to a blue passenger train rolling through midwestern farmland, among many other varieties and locales, before finishing the journey on a high-speed train as it races to the West Coast.

Is It Fun?

Trains are fascinating machines for children and adults. Soft water-color illustrations evoke a classic feeling of Americana that effectively takes readers on a journey through midwestern farmlands, big cities and lush mountainsides. Kids will have fun "experiencing" the sights and sounds of each type of train as they get to know the conductors and engineers who make them go.

Who It’s For

Scholastic recommends this book for ages 4 and up. However, it's a bit longer than the average picture book, making it more appealing to kids as old as the early elementary school ages.

What To Be Aware Of

Train is available in hardcover only, but would make a great addition to any home or classroom library.

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  • Train published by Scholastic
  • Written by: Elisha Cooper
  • Illustrated by: Elisha Cooper
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 4 and up