RoboCop Light Action RoboCop 1.0 Review (Jada Toys)

What It Is

The RoboCop: Light Action RoboCop 1.0 Action Figure from Jada Toys is a 6-inch scale figure of the RoboCop character from the movie, RoboCop. RoboCop 1.0 has silver metal, as compared to the 3.0 RoboCop that is all black, and the Light Action 1.0 figure has a light-up visor.

This figure has nine points of articulation and comes with two weapons, a Taser and a Machine Gun. While it is similar to the 4-inch version of the RoboCop 1.0 figure and has joints that are nicely integrated into the figure's sculpt, the larger scale allows for even greater detail, a more realistic metal look to the paint and the light-up visor, which adds to the figure's realistic appearance.

Is It Fun?

This is a highly realistic looking figure that allows kids to reenact scenes from the movie or create their own RoboCop stories. The articulation and 6-inch scale give collectors a great figure to pose and display.

Who It’s For

This figure is for RoboCop fans, ages 4 and up. The movie, a remake about a cyborg cop, is rated PG-13 so younger kids, who will want to play with this toy, probably won't see the movie but will still enjoy the toy.

Fans of the movie, and the original 1987 movie, should be pretty pleased with this figure.

What To Be Aware Of

The weapons are designed to fit specific hands and the figure holds both weapons perfectly.

RoboCop: Light Action RoboCop 1.0 is part of Jada Toys' Light Action RoboCop 6-inch line. Additional figures are available in this scale as well as the 4-inch scale and a 12-inch Talking RoboCop.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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