Hostess Twinkies Maker Review (Smart Planet)

What It Is

The Hostess Twinkies Maker is an electronic appliance that operates sort of like a waffle maker, but instead of making waffles, you're making Twinkies. It comes with a pastry bag with five interchangeable tops and a recipe booklet. The recipe booklet lists all the ingredients you will need to make classic Twinkies, chocolate Twinkies, red velvet Twinkies, vanilla cream filling, and marshmallow fluff filling. Once you've made your batter, plug in the Twinkies Maker and fill each of the six Twinkie molds on the Twinkies maker about ¾ of the way full. Close the lid and let your Twinkies cook for four to seven minutes. Once cooked, remove the Twinkies and let them cool before using the pastry bag filled with your filling to inject about one tablespoon of the filling into three locations on the underside of each Twinkie. The recipe booklet says this makes eight cakes, but we had enough batter and filling to make 12.

Is It Fun?

If you're a fan of Twinkies and want to make them any time you want, then you'll like the Hostess Twinkies Maker. As long as you can follow directions and measure ingredients, it's easy to use. However, the finished product doesn't taste like a Twinkie. Twinkies are light and spongey and filled with a lot of cream. The end result with the Hostess Twinkies Maker was a denser product, more like a plain cupcake, and the filling did not run throughout the Twinkie. Still, it's kind of a fun novelty to say you're making your own Twinkies, and the finished product still tasted pretty good.

Who It’s For

This is not age-graded because it is not a toy. It is a kitchen appliance and should be used and/or supervised by an adult.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions say to let the Twinkies cook for four to seven minutes, and we found that they really needed the full seven minutes.

It can be difficult to get the Twinkies out of the Twinkies Maker, and it doesn't help that they are so hot. Use caution when removing them.

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