Rhinestone Headbands Review (Faber-Castell)

What It Is

With the Rhinestone Headbands kit from Creativity for Kids, kids can create 10 individual sparkling headbands. Follow the included instructions guide to create different types of bow accents, sparkling bows, or simple sparkling headbands. Tie a single loop bow, which is just like tying your shoes, or a multiple loop bow, which requires the included silver string to secure the bow. Then, slip the bow through one of the included felt loops so that it sits in the middle of the bow. Slide the same felt loop onto the headband. Place it anywhere on the headband you wish and the felted loop will hold it securely in place. Next you can use the included rhinestones to accent both the bow and the headband itself.

Is It Fun?

Girls who especially enjoy DIY wear-and-share creations will have fun using this kit to make accessories for themselves and their friends. The kit does include enough materials to make 10 headbands, so it could even be used in a party or sleepover setting.

Who It’s For

Rhinestone Headbands is for ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

We suggest mapping out the look of your bejeweled headbands before you place the rhinestones, because once they've been placed you can't remove them. If you do, they lose their sticky factor.

The headbands do come pre-glittered, but the glitter sheds a lot.

Creativity for Kids suggests that, if over time, the rhinestones begin to peel, you can secure them with some craft glue, which is included.

There are only five colorful sheer ribbons included and one ribbon is needed for each bow so if your child wants to create additional bow-styled headbands, you will need to purchase extra sheer ribbons, which are sold separately.

It took us a little under 15 minutes to complete one headband. Design times will vary.

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