Twizmo! Cards Review (Twizmo Games)

What It Is

Twizmo! Cards is all about creating poker-style hands using a combination of "cards" on the rotating cube and cards from the deck. Based on the strength of their hands, players use their cards as betting chips. Each player receives three cards and must use one to three of these cards along with any three "cards" on the top face of the cube to create a hand. The cube cards you use must be three in a row. Any cards used to make up your hand must be included in your bet, and you can either bet the extra cards, too, or keep them for the finale round. You can also fold and return your cards to the deck. Once all players have either bet or folded, players reveal their hands to see who wins the bet cards for that round. Cards that were not bet are returned to the deck, and new cards are dealt. You can automatically win the round if all three of your dealt cards match any three cube cards on the top face of the cube. Just call "Twizmo" once everyone has bet and the bet cards are yours.

Play continues as long as there are enough cards in the deck for each player to have a full hand. Then you enter the finale round where players take the cards that they won during regular gameplay and create their best possible hand. The player with the fewest cards can still pull off an upset to win the game. If at any time you have won the cards needed to form a royal straight flush, you can reveal it to the other players and win the game. Twizmo! Cards is for two or more players.

Is It Fun?

This game is really best for people who know how to play poker. If you don't know all the possible poker hands, this game doesn't come with a cheat sheet, so it might be harder for you to pick up and start playing this right out of the box. There's a lot of strategy in this game in terms of what cards to play and what cards to bet, which we like, but in order to play, you have to understand the directions, and those are not always clear. After reading through them, we had more questions than answers.

Who It’s For

Twizmo! Cards is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Twizmo games include Original Twizmo! and Twizmo! Words. Each is sold separately.

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