The Winston Show Review (ToyTalk)

What It Is

The Winston Show from ToyTalk is an interactive comedy and variety show starring the hilarious Winston and his sidekick Ellington. These two animated characters interact with kids through back and forth conversation, rather than tapping or button mashing.

This is more than a show that kids watch because the show's characters talk to the kids AND can hear the kids' responses. In fact, the kids watching are an active part of the story driven show and will be called upon by the characters frequently throughout the show. The app is divided into different studios with each studio representing a unique show. Studio 1 is a game show called Win With Winston. Studio 2 is Fireside Chats where Winston conducts interviews with the kids. In Studio 3, kids join Winston to create and star in a movie. Studio 4 is "You Vs..", where kids are pitted against something like a mosquito or someone(s) like the Wright brothers in a quiz contest. Studio 5 is the Costume Department where kids put their face in different custom costumes and Studio 6 is the Writer's Room where kids help Winston create a story.

Several of these studios have windows that pop up on the screen so kids can see themselves in the action.

Is It Fun?

The technology behind this app is very sophisticated but kids will just enjoy the magic of interacting with the characters. In one Fireside Chat, Winston asked me what my favorite thing to dress up as is. I answered a vampire and Winston proceeded to tell a story about dressing up as a vampire.

Who It’s For

The Winston Show is for kids ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Talking to the app is easy. Whenever the app wants the kids to talk, a microphone button will appear and kids press it while talking.

The Winston Show is currently available for iPad and requires iOS 6 or later. You will need your iPad to be connected to the internet to use this app.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Learning Curve

  • The Winston Show from ToyTalk
  • Rated 4+
  • Available on: iOS
  • Available September 5, 2013