Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Cinderella’s Coach Game Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

The Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Cinderella's Coach Game uses a 3-D game board to bring the world of Cinderella to life. When you open the game board, Cinderella's coach pops up. To play the game, choose to play as either Cinderella or the prince, and then place those playing pieces on the start spot. Each character has three friend tokens assigned to them, so take a look at who your friend tokens are before you play. Then flip over the tokens and mix them up, spreading them out in front of the board. Take turns spinning the spinner and moving that number of spaces along the path. If you land on a stone space, your turn is over. If you land on Lady Tremaine, move back three spaces. If you land on a gem space, flip over a friend token. If it's one of your friend tokens, keep it and move ahead six spaces. When a player reaches the finish stone on the board, the game is over.

The game can be connected to other Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic games, which are sold separately.

This game comes with a gameboard, a spinner, two Disney characters, six friend tokens, and a game board connector for connecting to other games. It is for two players.

Is It Fun?

This is a very easy-to-play game for young Disney Princess fans. The pop-up coach adds a nice enhancement to the basic game board, and we like that there is an option to add to the gameplay by connecting it with other Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic games.

Who It’s For

Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Cinderella's Coach Game is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are pretty straight-forward, but there doesn't seem to be any reason for collecting friend tokens. It doesn't matter how many friend tokens you have when you reach the finish stone, just as long as you reach the finish stone first.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy