Princess Drawsalot & The Dragon Review (Fingerprint Digital)

What It Is

With the Princess Drawsalot & the Dragon app, your child's drawings come to life to tell the story of a Doodle Monster who is stealing the town's baked goods. Squire Oscar and Princess Josephine, along with other characters, pop up on each screen telling kids a little part of the story and prompting kids to draw something. For example, Princess Josephine needs a valiant steed to help stop the Doodle Dragon. So kids use their fingers to draw a valiant steed on the device's screen. Kids can choose from eight different colors and either a thin or thick marker line. The eraser lets kids erase part of their work or all of it. And when kids are finished with their picture, they can save it to their device's photo gallery. When kids finish their picture and press the "next" arrow, they will see animations on the screen that incorporate the picture they've drawn. The free version of this app includes five pages, and an additional nine pages can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. Future planned updates of the app will be free and include even more pages.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute and creative app that will really engage kids who love to draw and tell stories. Kids will love being able to add their own illustrations to the story. Even though the story doesn't change, kids can change the way the story looks or go directly to their favorite page and use it as a digital coloring page.

Who It’s For

Princess Drawsalot & the Dragon is for ages 3–8.

What To Be Aware Of

There is a parent section on the homepage that is accessible to kids and contains ads for more apps. If a child presses on one of these ads, a grown-up is asked to input a numbered code, which is provided. A child could easily enter the code and be taken to the app store where, if the child knows his parents' Apple ID password, an app could be purchased.

Parents also have the option to sign up for a free Fingerprint account so that they can track their child's gameplay and learning and invite other family members to play the same game on different devices. You can register for this the first time you open the app or at any later time.

This app is compatible with the iPad and Android devices.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

  • Princess Drawsalot & The Dragon from Fingerprint Digital
  • Rated 4+
  • Available on: Android and iOS
  • Available October 24, 2013