Meep! X2 Review (Oregon Scientific)

What It Is

Oregon Scientific updated its kid-friendly Meep! tablet with the Meep! X2. This Android 4.2 tablet includes many new features, such as Bluetooth, an HDMI connector so that kids can watch videos via their home TV, and front- and rear-facing cameras. The Meep! X2 also includes the new Kid Communicator app, which lets kids chat with their friends through their respective Meep! X2 tablets. Before kids can start chatting, though, parents receive a request via email and can either approve or deny the request. This helps guarantee that chatting through Kid Communicator remains safe for kids.

Like the original Meep!, the X2 also includes wi-fi, a seven-inch zForce touchscreen that won't shatter when dropped, a built-in microphone, an audio jack, a USB jack, a micro SD card slot, and 4GB of internal storage. This can be expanded to 32GB by adding a micro SD card, which is sold separately. The tablet includes more than 50 pre-loaded games, apps, e-books, music, and more, and additional apps can be purchased from the Meep! Store or Google Play.

The parental controls allow parents to determine what kids can view when they use the web browser or YouTube. There are three security levels to choose from. The high security level blocks all online functions and gives kids access to a limited amount of Meep! features. The low security level gives the child access to all online functions without time limits. Bad words filtering and bad URL filtering still applies. With the custom security level, parents can set time limits for specific apps, grant or deny permission to access the Meep! Store or make in-app purchases, and set a limit on what kids can and cannot access online. Parents can add YouTube videos and websites to their child's safelist by logging into the parent portal from a computer or through the Meep Together app on an iOS or Android device.

Is It Fun?

This kid-friendly tablet comes with lots of pre-loaded content, including some of kids' favorite apps and games, such as Cut the Rope. Parents will appreciate all the parental controls that give kids a safe online and chatting experience while still letting them feel like grown-ups as they surf the web.

Who It’s For

The Meep! X2 is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Meep! X2 is available exclusively at Toys "R" Us.

The Meep! X2 runs on a rechargeable battery that can be charged using the included AC adapter. It takes about one hour to get a full charge.

To use the Kid Communicator, a parent must first turn on access to it in the parent settings and verify that he or she is an adult. To verify, you can either call customer service or log into the parent settings from a computer and do the credit card verification. If you register through the credit card verification process, an amount of $1 will be charged to your account in a one time-only transaction. From this $1 verification, you will receive an equivalent value of 100 Meep! coins allocated to your child's account so that he or she can download content from the Meep! Store.

Meep! accessories, such as a keyboard and headphones, are sold separately.

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