Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Review (Samsung)

What It Is

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: Kids from Samsung is a real tablet computer that is designed for kids but that adults can use as well. The Tab 3: Kids features two unique UIs. The first is designed specifically for kids and the second is the standard Android OS interface for adults.

Is It Fun?

The Tab 3: Kids comes preloaded with tons of edutainment and entertainment apps and a special kids' designed user interface that makes scrolling through apps cute and colorful. The preloaded apps are what make this so much fun for kids. There are games like Fruit Ninja, Where's My Perry and Toy Story Smash It as well as Wipeout from abc and Activision.

Additional kid-favored features include a bright yellow frame and removable orange bumper plus a camera so kids can take pictures and videos.

Who It’s For

This tablet is designed for kids, ages 3 and up. If you have a child in your house who is already using your tablet or smart phone, then that is exactly who this tablet is designed for.

Adults will also love this tablet because they can easily switch to the locked Standard Mode, which is a fully functioning Android OS tablet.

What To Be Aware Of

Adults can rest easy when their kids are playing with the Tab 3: Kids because during the initial setup, an adult can set a master pin, control how long a child can use the tablet, what apps they can use and set restrictions for what can be downloaded.

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