Planet Orbeez Maya’s Spa Resort Review (The Maya Group)

What It Is

Maya's Spa Resort is part of the Planet Orbeez toy line from The Maya Group, and what makes this different from a typical playset is the Orbeez. First, you'll need to grow the Orbeez. Orbeez come packaged as tiny, hard pellets that kids can place in water to make them grow into soft and squishy colorful balls.

Follow the included instructions on how to assemble the playset, which takes about 10 minutes. Once set-up is complete, help Orbeez' character Maya and her pet kitten Laila and their friends Mika and pup Nola utilize the set's "spa" features. Features include a deluxe pet enclosure and lounge on the upper level as well as volleyball court and spa tub that can be filled with Orbeez. There is also a plastic storage sphere that holds some Orbeez, which prevents them from drying out.

Is It Fun?

Kids will enjoy watching the Orbeez grow and their squishy texture adds to the imaginative world in this playset. We also like that Orbeez can be used to further personalize the characters and features of this playset.

Who It’s For

The Planet Orbeez Maya's Spa Resort is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The set comes with 200 Orbeez pellets. There are 50-piece packs of Orbeez pellets. It's recommended that you dispose of Orbeez in the trash or work into garden soil. Orbeez release water so they can be used to hydrate soil and conserve water usage. Do not throw Orbeez in the sink, garbage disposal, or drain.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy