Make n Break Party Review (Ravensburger)

What It Is

The Make 'n' Break Party Game from Ravensberger expands on the original fast-paced building board game, inviting even more players can get involved as this game is played in teams.

Each team will start with their playing piece at the start of the board game, which is indicated by the yellow arrow. You'll move around the game in the direction of the arrow. Cards will be shuffled and placed into two piles: building cards and object cards. The board also features a pile space for used building cards.

There are four different modes of play indicated by different symbols and colors on the board. You'll start the game in the classic building mode(blue), in which one player from the first active team selects a building card from the pile and begins to describe the structure on the card. Another player on that team must then build the structure as it's described to him/her. While this is happening, another team has set the game's timer to the matching symbol. Once the time is up, the other team will check to see if the build matches the card. If a team quickly completes a build and gets the other team's approval, they can keep drawing cards and building additional structures until the timer goes off. Then the team totals how many builds they correctly completed and moves forward that many spaces on the board.

Land on a Build According to Taboo Words space (orange) and players can not use the words written at the bottom of the building cards to describe the structure. If they do, that build will be disqualified. Land on a Blind Building space (pink) and a team's builder is blindfolded and must rely on their sense of touch along with the instructions from their teammates to correctly build the described structure. Land on a Build and Act Out Words space and draw from the objects card pile. Use the building pieces to act out the words on the card. Gestures and sound effects are also encouraged.

The first team to circle the board game and pass the starting point wins the game.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun new variation of the original board game that really invites the whole family to play.

Who It’s For

The Make 'n' Break Party Game is age-graded 10 and up, but we think the gameplay is simple enough that younger players can also join a team to help describe the building cards or act out the object cards. You'll also find that some builds are more difficult than others so you can easily sort through the cards beforehand to make the game either harder or easier depending on the competition.

What To Be Aware Of

You can also make gestures and sound effects to help guide your team to the answer on an Object card.

This game works best with four to six players, however gameplay variations for three players and up to nine player games are also offered at the end of the instruction's guide.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy