iDiscover App Panda Review (VTech)

What It Is

The iDiscover App Panda is a friendly panda toy for kids that securely holds an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone inside. Simply slide your device inside the panda and Velcro it shut. The transparent screen allows you to interact with the touchscreen while protecting it from spills and drool. The casing also blocks the home button so your baby won't accidentally make a phone call or escape out of an app. The panda is plush to help protect your device when it's dropped. The iDiscover App Panda comes with a free app to download that includes six learning games about body parts, numbers, shapes, and animals. You can also use any app with this toy because the panda just serves the purpose of a plush protective case. The panda itself has colorful paws, ribbons on his head, and crinkly ears to engage babies even when not using an app. A Velcro strip on the top allows you to attach this to a stroller or carseat.

Is It Fun?

The iDiscover App Panda is easy to take on the go and serves as a soft companion for your baby. The various textures on the panda, such as ribbons and crinkly ears, help young babies with tactile stimulation.

Who It’s For

The iDiscover App Panda is for ages 6-36 months.

What To Be Aware Of

We found our device slid around too much inside the panda. We also found the Velcro strip for attaching this to a car seat is weak. The Velcro for the pouch insert is also very weak, but there is a secondary reinforcement that will make it hard for kids to get to your smart device.

We found that the transparent film over your smart device causes the device to be unresponsive, which could be frustrating for babies trying to work on cause and effect. There was too much of a reflection, as well.

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