Baby’s Light-Up Laptop Review (VTech)

What It Is

Baby's Light-Up Laptop encourages little ones to discover and learn on their very own laptop with 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. A light-up screen with animations and six colorful shape buttons promote learning in three modes: Learning, Spanish, and Discovery. In each mode, babies can press the three shape buttons or three animal buttons to hear about letters, numbers, shapes, and more in both English and Spanish. Press the three piano keys to hear 12 melodies and musical notes sung in English and Spanish. This toy also comes with a mouse-shaped mouse that moves in eight directions while also introducing babies to number and letter order. The carry handle, which is chunky for small hands to grasp, enables on-the-go learning and play.

Why Is It Useful?

This cute little laptop's lights and sounds will keep babies engaged and stimulated as they play. Pressing the buttons and moving the mouse helps babies with fine motor skills, while the different phrases and songs introduce babies to early learning basics, such as letters, numbers, and shapes.

Who It’s For

Baby's Light-Up Laptop is for ages 12–36 months.

What To Be Aware Of

Three AAA batteries are included for the in-store try-me features. VTech recommends replacing them before you play for best results. This toy has an automatic shut-off feature to help preserve battery life.

While this is also a good toy for introducing young children to Spanish, we're not sure how much Spanish a child is going to pick up. It's kind of humorous to listen to the toy try to make the Spanish alphabet fit to the tune of the English "Alphabet Song". The vocals go so fast to keep in time with the beat that it's hard to understand what the Spanish letters are. The same also happens in other songs with numbers and colors. It's a little bit easier to hear the Spanish words clearly when you use the mouse to slowly move through the alphabet and numbers.

This toy does include volume control.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required