IONIX Tenkai Knights 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship/Portal Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

The Tenkai Knights: 2-in-1 Dimensional Dropship/Portal from Spin Master is a 194-piece set that builds two completely different vehicles. Kids can follow one set of instructions to build the Dimensional Portal or they can follow the other instructions and build the Dimensional Dropship. For our review, we built the Dropship.

The set also comes with everything needed to build the Guardian Boreas figure.

Is It Fun?

Tenkai Knights is an animated series that's all about the Tenkai, who are shape-shifting living bricks. There are two groups of Tenkai – the good guys – The Corekai and the evil Corrupted, who are locked in an epic battle. Whether kids choose to build the Dropship or Portal, both have features that recreate the fun of the series by integrating the show's shape-shifting bricks. The Dropship has two missile projectiles that shift into launchable crossbows. There are also two other bricks that shift into non-working missile launchers that don't actually fire but look cool on the ship's wings. The Guardian Boreas figure is also a shape-shifting brick that starts off as a construction brick then shifts into a figure. Add his accessories and he is ready for battle.

Who It’s For

This Tenkai Knights toy is for fans of the series, ages 8 to 14.

What To Be Aware Of

The directions are pretty good but we had some issues getting some of the pieces to snap together at first. Even with that, it took about an hour to fully assemble.

If kids want to make the Dimensional Portal, they will have to take the Dropship apart and start over with the Portal's instructions.

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