Lil’ SmartTop Review (VTech)

What It Is

VTech Lil' SmartTop is part of the VTech Preschool Learning Series of interactive toys. Turn on the toy laptop and Cody the Smart Cub, VTech's learning mascot, will appear on the screen and guide your child through the various types of play. Enter one of the four modes of play, which are displayed at the top of the keyboard and indicated by a corresponding design. These include Letters & Shapes, Adventure Fun, Music Fun, and Messages & Stories.

In Letters & shapes mode, kids can use the paw-shaped mouse to choose between three different activities, which include Picture Dictionary, Hide & Seek Letters, and Shape Learner. For example, in Picture Dictionary, kids can practice and learn different letters, letter sounds, and words by pressing the different letters on the keyboard.

In Adventure Fun mode, kids can choose between two different activities: Bring Bear Home and Adventure Fun. In Bring Bear Home, kids can use the paw-shaped mouse to move Cody the Smart Cub left and right and help him collect apples to gain energy to get him home.

In Music Fun mode, kids can choose between three different activities: Sing It, Music Party, and Musical Instruments. In Music Party Mode, select a melody and press the piano keys to play it. Press the A-Z keys to add funny sounds.

In Messages & Stories mode, choose between two activities: Story Time and E-card Express. In Story Time, kids can watch and listen to different animated stories.

Is It Fun?

Each activity encourages little ones to have fun while learning and being creative. Kids will like how the toy interacts directly with them and offers words of encouragement as they are guided through the different activities.

We also like that parents can add additional content and personalize the toy to best suit their little learner's needs, which as a result adds repeat play value to the toy.

Who It’s For

The Lil' SmartTop is for ages 1.5–4.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AA batteries are required and included.

If you have the VTech Learning Lodge software installed on your computer (PC or Mac compatible), you can connect your Lil' SmartTop to the computer to download additional content such as new words, songs, melodies, stories, and e-cards. You can also personalize the SmartTop to substitute your child's name for the generic "Smarty Paws" greetings.

Press the settings button on the keyboard to adjust the volume, change the LCD contrast, and turn the background music on or off.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required