Chet the Cat and Friends! Yummy Adventures Dish Set Review (Educational Insights)

What It Is

Chet the Cat and his friends love eating food, and kids are invited to pull up a seat at Chet's table with the Chet the Cat and Friends! Yummy Adventures Dish Set. This 24-piece set includes four plates, four bowls, four cups, four forks, four spoons, and four knives. Each piece features whimsical illustrations of Chet the Cat, Ready Rabbit, Parfait Poodle, and Marv the Parrot. Everything is made from 100-percent food-grade melamine and is dishwasher-safe. Kids can use these dishes for pretend play and at snacktime.

Is It Fun?

The really cute illustrations on these dishes appeal to both boys and girls and will engage them in fun pretend play as they imagine all sorts of culinary adventures with Chet the Cat and his friends. And as a bonus, these are real dishes that kids can also use for snacktime or dessert. We say snacktime because these are not full-size dishes and utensils. The plates, for instance, are only 5.5 inches across. So these dishes won't work very well with or have enough room to hold a main course at dinner.

Who It’s For

The Chet the Cat and Friends! Yummy Adventures Dish Set is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This dish set is not for use on stovetops or in ovens and microwaves.

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