Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Salon Review (Wooky Entertainment)

What It Is

The Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Salon lets kids paint their nails at home with tools found at a real salon. The kit includes a Style Me Up nail dryer, six bottles of nail polish, 30 nail stickers, three bags of sequins, one bag of nail glitter powder, two nail files, a pair of toe separators, 32 nail polish remover pads, a funnel, a spatula, and instructions. Kids can use the funnel and spatula to add glitter and sequins into one or more bottles of nail polish. Once they've filed their nails, kids can paint their fingernails and toe nails with their polish. Place one hand or foot inside the nail dryer and push down to activate the dryer and dry your manicure or pedicure. Only one foot or hand will fit under the nail dryer at one time. Once the polish is dry, add stickers to your nails. To remove the polish, use one of the nail polish remover pads. Wash your hands after use.

Is It Fun?

With this kit, kids can have their own nail salon right at home. The nail polish is really easy to use and comes off easily with the included remover pads. Kids who like painting their nails will like being able to create their own nail art with the included sequins and stickers in this kit.

Who It’s For

The Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Salon is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Two AA batteries are required but not included.

The instructions were easy to follow, but we had trouble getting the glitter and sequins into the nail polish bottles. The funnel didn't fit into the bottle opening, which meant that glitter and sequins were not contained to the bottle. You might want to cover your work surface for this step in case it gets messy.

The glitter powder didn't add much shine or glimmer to the colored nail polish, and the shaped sequins did not mix well with the clear polish. We had a hard time painting our nails with the sequined polish because none of the sequins ever came out on the brush.

We also wish that you didn't have to constantly hold down the button on the nail dryer to keep it on. After two minutes, our hand started to hurt, but it didn't seem like the polish was dry yet.

This kit is a cosmetic. It contains real nail polish.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty

    2 AA batteries required