Fisher-Price See n Say Talking Game Review (TCG)

What It Is

Fisher-Price See 'n Say Talking Game is part of the Fisher-Price My 1st Game line from TCG. You can play one of three games, depending on your child's learning level. The level one game is intended for beginners and one that toddlers and parents should play together. Lay all 10 animal cards face up. Then pull and release the lever on the See 'n Say unit. The arrow will spin and stop on the image of a different animal. The unit will prompt you to find the animal card that matches the animal pictured, which is also indicated by it's name or sound. If you correctly match your card, turn it over face down. The level one game ends when all 10 cards have been matched.

When your child is able to recognize the animals with ease move on to the level two game, which can also be played with more players. This game is also played by pulling the lever and waiting for the arrow to stop on an animal. But, when played with multiple players it becomes a game of speed to see who can recognize and correctly match the animal quicker than his opponent. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

And finally kids can play the level three advanced game, which takes a basic 20 card memory matching game and combines it with the See 'n Say game unit. Take all 10 animal cards and 10 animal scene cards face and start with them face up then flip them over. Pull the leveler on the unit and it's up to the players to remember where the animal card is that matches the animal indicated on the unit. Then find an animal scene card that also features that animal. When all the cards have been matched the player with the most cards wins.

Is It Fun?

With multiple types of play within this unit, it's the type of toy that can grow and advance along with your child's problem solving and recognition skills. We also like that the first game really ensures that parents are engaging with their child as well to helping aid their development as they play.

Who It’s For

Fisher-Price See 'n Say Talking Game is for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

In level one, although the See 'n Say unit prompts you to "find the animal," there is no way for the device to register if the animal a child selects is correct. That's where some parental guidance is needed to move the game along. We also think without a parent assisting in the gameplay, there really isn't a way to monitor if the game is improving your child's recognition and problem solving skills.

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