Edible Sweet Art Ice Cream Maker Review (AMAV)

What It Is

Edible Sweet Art is a line of sugar dough modeling kits that let kids create different dough figurines and then eat them. No baking is required because the dough is already made and ready to be modeled and eaten. The kits are available in a variety of themes, including Ice Cream Maker.

The Ice Cream Maker kit includes five packs of sugar dough in assorted colors, corn flour, a rolling pin, a brush, the ice cream machine, two ice cream cups, six paper cones, an ice cream stand, and instructions. Before you start playing, you'll want to have two bowls, one with corn flour and one with cold water, near your workspace. The corn flour will help keep your dough from getting sticky, and the water will work as a "glue" for sticking together different dough creations.

The dough might be a little dry and hard when you first take it out of the package. Knead the dough until it softens. You can use the rolling pin to make it nice and smooth, or just roll the dough into a ball in your hand. Before you put any colored dough into the ice cream machine, mix it with some of the soft white dough. Then place your dough into the ice cream machine, put the plunger on top of the dough, insert the shape slide to choose a shape for your dough, and press down on the machine's handle to push the dough down into your ice cream container. Pull out on the pink lever to cut the dough. Decorate your dough ice cream by making sprinkles and cherries with other colors of dough and using water to stick them together. Then kids can eat their creations.

Is It Fun?

With the Edible Sweet Art Ice Cream Maker, it's okay for kids to play with their food. Modeling the dough engages kids in creative play, and the set also encourages roleplay as kids use the kit to serve up ice cream treats at their pretend ice cream shop. But what's not pretend is the eating part of the play, and kids will love being able to actually eat the sweet treats they create.

Who It’s For

The Edible Sweet Art Ice Cream Maker is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The sugar dough in this kit contains fish gelatin and sulphites.

The colored dough is very sweet. The white dough is not very tasty. You'll definitely want to combine the white dough and colored doughs per the instructions to balance out the flavor.

There are two sheets of instructions that come with this kit, and they are a little vague and not very well organized. In terms of pushing the dough through the ice cream machine, you'll need to use a bit of force.

Additional Edible Sweet Art kits are available and sold separately.

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