CAT Construct Dough Excavator Review (Toy State)

What It Is

The CAT Preschool Construct Dough Deluxe Excavator playset brings together two things little boys love: vehicle play and creative dough play. The chunky toddler-friendly truck features a design modeled after the CAT Excavator in its iconic yellow and black design. The included soft grey compound is also easy for little ones to work with and features tiny grey sparkly specks throughout to give it a more textured cement-like look. Attach the four double-sided road sign stampers to the base of the orange construction barrel-shaped container and press it down into some compound to create one of eight different road signs. Or choose one of three shapes on the back of the CAT by twisting until the design you want is at the top. Then load the truck's hopper with compound, and make sure you put enough in. Then press down on the excavator's arm to press the compound out through the extruders. Each of these extruders are meant to be shaped like things you might find in a construction zone, an i-beam, pipe, and angle bar.

Is It Fun?

This is an easy and fun playset that we think encourages a lot of fun and imaginative vehicle play. We also think for parents familiar with the CAT brand it adds to the fun of the play with their child.

Who It’s For

The CAT Preschool Construct Dough Deluxe Excavator playset is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Be sure when pressing the dough through the extruder, kids keep their fingers out of the way so they don't get pinched.

The stamp disks can be a bit tough to snap into place so some parental assistance will be needed.

Tools are not included to trim away the edges after you've created the signs so we suggest either pressing down really hard so you can pull away the edges around the circle or have a parent use scissors to cut out the design.

As with any type of compound dough, you'll also want to repackage it in the container to keep the material soft.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy