Codee Series 1 Monsters Mega Pack Review (Techno Source)

What It Is

The Codee: Series 1, Monsters Mega Pack from Techno Source is a construction toy, however, rather than snapping pieces together, kids build items by twisting and turning the links in a long chain. This Monsters pack includes 250 Codee links, 8 creation codes and 25 accessories to build unique creations.

Each of the numbered links has letters molded on the outside and a symbol on the connector inside. To create any of the monsters in this set, you have to twist and turn the links following the code on the specific monster's instruction sheet.

For instance, to build the monster called Spike, we started with a long green chain, the number one is the link number, the caret is the symbol in the window on the connector, and the "A" is the letter touching the next link. You then follow that code all the way up to the 64th link, add four accessories and you will have the completed monster.

Is It Fun?

This is more of a puzzle than it is a basic building toy. It's fun to see the monsters slowly take shape as you follow the creation code.

Kids can also get creative and make their own objects and monsters using the Codee links. Once they have created something, they can write down the Creation Code by backtracking the item's assembly.

Who It’s For

We think kids, ages 7 and up, who like puzzles are going to enjoy this.

What To Be Aware Of

Codee Monsters is part of Series 1. The package comes with eight codes for making eight different monsters.

The creation codes are easy to follow but require a lot of patience.

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