Combat Creatures Attacknid Stryder Review (Wow! Stuff)

What It Is

Combat Creatures Attacknid Stryder is a six-legged robot that moves with spider-like motions across multiple terrains, including carpet, grass, and snow. Kids control Stryder using the wireless R/C handset, which uses 2.4 GHz chip technology to allow multiple robots to battle at one time or multiple robots to be controlled from a single handset. You'll need to sync the handset and the robot before you play by turning on the handset and then turning on the robot. Wait two to three seconds before pressing any of the directional buttons on the handset, and then the syncing process will be complete. The instructions say that the light on the handset will flash red until you press the button, but ours actually flashed green sometimes and red sometimes.

There are two modes of play. Training mode lets kids practice moving the robot and firing the 12 included darts. Wow! Stuff says the darts can fly up to 50 feet. We never quite got that distance, but it was close enough for satisfying play. In Battle mode, kids can take on their friends Attacknids, which are sold separately, for competitive play. Aim for the enemy Attacknid's battle brain, and if it receives three direct shots, the robot shuts down. If you hit the Attacknid's Exploda-Armor on its legs in just the right spot, the armor will pop off.

Is It Fun?

The design is both clever and sophisticated, and kids who like robots and robotics will very likely be fascinated by this toy. Even though it's pretty cool on its own, the play is limited to moving the robot around and target practice. The real intention of this toy is for it to be used in battling with other Attacknids, and that means either finding a friend who already has one or investing in two toys, which can get kind of expensive for some people. In Battle mode, the leg armor can be popped off if it's hit with another dart, for instance, which is pretty cool. If you don't want to invest in a second toy, we're pretty sure kids can come up with creative ways to use Nerf blasters or other blasters to bring the battle to life.

Who It’s For

Combat Creatures Attacknid Stryder is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The robot requires four AA batteries and the remote requires two AA batteries. No batteries are included.

Additional ammo and accessories are sold separately.

The toy really does seem a little flimsy for how expensive it is. Also, the leg armor, when it does pop off, is very difficult to get back on, so it takes a little concentration. Sometimes we found, if you put one on another it falls off, so that can be kind of frustrating. Finally, the canister that holds the darts has to be put in exactly right or the darts won't fire, and that also gets to be frustrating and takes a good amount of trial and error.

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    6 AA batteries required