Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor Review (Wow! Stuff)

What It Is

The Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor is a six-legged robot that stands 12 inches tall and moves with realistic spider-like motions across multiple terrains, including carpet, grass, and even snow. Kids control the Doom Razor using the wireless R/C handset, which uses 2.4Ghz chip technology to allow multiple robots to battle at one time or multiple robots to be controlled from a single handset. You'll need to sync the handset and robot before you play by turning on the handset and then turning on the robot. Wait two to three seconds before pressing any of the directional buttons on the handset, and then the syncing process will be complete. The instructions say the light on the handset will flash red until you press the buttons, but ours flashed green.

There are two modes of play. Training mode lets kids practice moving the Doom Razor and firing the 12 foam Dissector Discs up to 30 feet. Set up the included diorama for target practice. The Doom Razor features a 360-degree rotating head that can be lifted or lowered for lining up your shot.

In Battle mode, kids can take on their friends' Attacknids (sold separately) for competitive play. Aim for the enemy Attacknid's battle brain, and if it receives three direct shots, the robot shuts down. If you hit the Attacknid's Exploda-Armor in just the right spot, it will pop off.

Is It Fun?

The package says that the Dissector Discs can travel up to 30 feet, but we were only able to get ours to go about 10 feet. Still, using the Doom Razor for target practice was fun, and kids can score points based on what targets they take out. Kids will like watching the way the Doom Razor moves as they control it. Battle mode obviously requires additional Attacknids, so unless kids have more than one Attacknid or know someone who has one, they won't be able to play in Battle mode.

One of the ways we think that this might be more engaging is for this toy to be used in conjunction with NERF blasters to create some different play scenarios and more interaction—without having to buy a second Attacknid.

Who It’s For

Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The robot requires four AA batteries and the remote requires two AA batteries. No batteries are included.

Assembly is required, and it took us 14 minutes to put this together. We found the instructions confusing. Be careful when picking up the Doom Razor because some of the pieces, especially the Exploda-Armor, easily come off.

There are 12 buttons on the handset and they are not labeled. There is a diagram in the instruction booklet that shows what each button is for, so kids will definitely want to familiarize themselves with that diagram so they know how to make the Doom Razor do what they want it to.

Additional ammo accessories are sold separately.

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    6 AA batteries required