Kurio 4S Touch Review (Techno Source)

What It Is

The Kurio Touch 4S from Techno Source is a four-inch tall 8GB handheld Android tablet that comes preloaded with safety features and more than 30 apps. The first time you use the Kurio 4S Touch, you'll need to set up an account, enter a password for the device, and connect to a WiFi network. Then you can create up to four customizable profiles to suit the user's age, gender, and intended use for the tablet. You can choose whether or not to give your child web-access on the tablet; make the device solely for educational use, which will block Internet access and only show the preloaded educational apps; or completely customize the profile to configure which apps and features you want seen and unseen. If you choose to allow internet access, the Kurio features a web-safe filtering system to weed out and block any inappropriate content and internet security settings will be based on the age you input for your child. Additional safety features include the ability to authorize sponsored links in apps, click notifications, and protect each user's profile with a separate password.

Switch between users on the homescreen or by tapping the user profile on the locked screen before entering your password. Tap the center icon at the bottom of the screen to access settings and apps, which range from popular games such as Angry Birds Space and Lazers, music apps such as iHeartRadio and Toddler Jukebox, as well as apps that encourage reading, language skills, and creativity. In terms of how these apps appear and operate, some work better on the interface than others.

Swip through the app screen to get to the widgets, which you can add to your homescreens by holding down on the icon and dropping it on the screen.

Login to your parental account and download new apps through the Android app stores, which include Kurio's own easily accessible and linked store.

Tap back to the homescreen to access the tablet's front- and rear-facing two mega-pixel (low resolution) camera to take standard photos, panoramic shots, as well as record HD video. You can also change additional settings on the camera, such as altering white balance.

Is It Fun?

This is the kind of portable tablet that can make a good stepping stone device for kids looking for something more than just a kid's tablet with a sleek grown-up design to appeal to all family members. We also think the preloaded features and security settings make it a safe on-the-go entertainment source for parents and kids alike.

Who It’s For

The Kurio Touch 4S is for ages 3 and up, but we think the small screen and features are best suited for older kids seeking a more adult-like feel from a tablet. We suggest investing in a case for drop-protection for kids.

What To Be Aware Of

The Kurio 4S does have one major flaw that parents need to be aware of—the password. When you first set up the device, you have the option of setting up your password as a pin code, a text password, or a pattern password. You can't bypass this step, so go with something as easy as possible because retrieving a forgotten password on the Kurio 4s Touch is impossible. If you do forget it you'll have to do a hard reset of your device, which will wipe any and all preloaded apps and content saved directly to the tablet. You can recover the apps by downloading a recovery package to your computer via the Kurio website, but this proved to be a long process and the device is not compatible with iOS systems. While the basic tablet is good, the password problem (particularly for kids) lowered our overall rating significantly.

Under settings, you can manage the amount of time per day or week you wish to allow your child to play with the Kurio 4S Touch.

The tablet features a micro SD card slot to expand the storage capacity of the device.

Recharge the tablet by connecting the included USB cable to a PC or USB host.

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