Kurio 7S Review (Techno Source)

What It Is

The Kurio 7S from Techno Source is a fully functioning, 7-inch, Android tablet that is designed for families to share. The 7S has the Android 4.2 operating system, 8 gigabytes of storage, Wi-Fi, a USB adapter, external speakers, headphone jack and front and rear facing cameras.

Is It Fun?

The 7S comes preloaded with more than 75 apps, including popular games like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and Fruit Ninja. There are also E-books from Disney with interactive stories for Cars, Disney Princesses and Toy Story. Additional interactive books include an Avengers interactive story read by Stan Lee. There are also several educational apps that help kids learn essential skills like color and shape recognition, Math, Spelling and Geography.

Sharing the tablet is a big feature of the 7S, which is why it comes with the ability to set up eight User Profiles. A parent or caregiver can create an owner profile and then set up another seven profiles for different members of the family. Each profile has a few presets that allow adults to set some restrictions, which is great because this tablet comes with a web browser.

Who It’s For

The tablet comes in a bright blue silicone bumper but when you take it out of the bumper, it looks like any other Android tablet on the market. This makes it a great tablet for kids around the ages of 5 and up because at that age, they are starting to recognize the difference between a child's tablet and the one that their parents or caretakers use. The real tablet look of the Kurio 7S will also make this appealing to older kids and tweens.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional apps can be downloaded through the Kurio App Store, which is a family-friendly app store that requires a Kurio account to access. Those accounts can only be created by a person 21 and over, which gives adults control over the tablet. Parents also have a Parental Area that allows them to further control what each profile can do with the 7S tablet.

Unlike other Android tablets, the Kurio 7S cannot access the Google Play app store, which means the only apps that can be added are the ones available through the Kurio App Store. This is great for parental control but it limits the appeal to older kids and tweens who might like this tablet if it had the ability to access Google Play.

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