LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review (Warner Bros Interactive)

What It Is

LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is an action-adventure game based on an original story that has characters from the entire Marvel Universe. All of the Marvel characters appear in the game as LEGO minifigures.

Is It Fun?

There are more than 100 playable characters that are unlocked as you play through the main Story Mode of the game. Unlocking new characters is like collecting toy figures and kids will love seeing their characters displayed on the unlocked screen.

The characters are from the entire Marvel Universe and include members of The Avengers, Fantastic 4, X-Men and the super heroes that tend to work alone like Spider-Man. The game is also filled with tons of Marvel villains who are working together and Stan Lee appears throughout the game.

In Story Mode, a majority of the game is played with two characters that have to use their unique abilities or weapons to get through the level. This makes it a great game for two people to play together but a single player will still enjoy it because they can easily and instantly switch back and forth between characters.

The action in the game comes from battling waves of bad guys and boss battles at the end of levels. There is also a puzzle-solving aspect to the game with most levels having at least one simple puzzle to solve before advancing.

Most levels take place in buildings around New York City, like Grand Central Station and Stark Tower, but the game also travels to Asgard, the X-Mansion and Asteroid M. New York City itself is a large, sandbox style play area that can be explored, and features tons of hidden items and side quests.

Like all LEGO games, this one is funny and packed with jokes and gags that will have kids and parents laughing.

Who It’s For

The game is rated E10+, but the content and difficulty should be fine for gamers as young as 6. Adults will also enjoy it, especially when playing with the kids in their lives.

What To Be Aware Of

The game's drop in and out feature allows a second player to join or leave the game at any time.

We played the Xbox 360 edition of the game for this review but it is also available for PS3, Wii U and PC. There is also a handheld version of the game for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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  • Learning Curve

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes from Warner Bros Interactive
  • Part of the LEGO brand
  • Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
  • Available on: Nintendo 3DSNintendo DSNintendo Wii UPCPlaystation 3Xbox 360
  • Available October 22, 2013