Sew Cool Food Review (Spin Master)

What It Is

With the Sew Cool Food kit, kids can sew and decorate five stuffed food characters. The kit includes five pre-cut Sew Cool projects, 31 pre-cut Sew Cool deco pieces, 25 gems, eight snap-in plastic buttons, a bag of loose stuffing, and instructions. All Sew Cool projects are made using the special Sew Cool sewing machine, which is sold separately. This sewing machine doesn't use thread. Instead, kids follow the instructions to sew the front and back pieces of a food character together, leaving an opening at the bottom for adding stuffing. Once stuffed, stitch the character closed. Then kids can add bows, flowers, and other decorative pieces to their character using the snap-in buttons.

Is It Fun?

The new Sew Cool line is a fun and safe way for young kids to sew their own stuffed characters and accessories. Kids will like the happy faces on the food characters in the Sew Cool Food kit and being able to decorate the stuffed characters any way they like. For first-time sewers, Sew Cool is a nice starter line that introduces kids to some sewing basics.

Who It’s For

Sew Cool Food is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

While the Sew Cool sewing machine is designed to be safer and easier than a real sewing machine, there might still be a learning curve to use it. Kids should take their time when stitching, following the fabrics' dotted lines, and eventually they'll get the hang of it. After stitching one stuffed character, we got our technique down.

Some of the deco pieces must be stitched onto the front panel of the character before kids stitch the character together. The panels of the character show kids a line to follow as they stitch, but the deco pieces do not have this. Because the deco pieces are small, they can be hard to stitch with the machine.

The Sew Cool sewing machine will only work with Sew Cool fabric.

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