Disney Princess Ariel’s 2-in-1 Royal Ship Review (Mattel)

What It Is

Kids can play out princess adventures from The Little Mermaid with the Disney Princess Ariel's 2-in-1 Royal Ship. This two-level boat features a regal design and opens to reveal an under-the-sea world, complete with bedroom and accessories. Sail away on the royal ship by steering the captain's wheel on the top deck. The deck also has doll stands for the Mermaid-to-Princess Ariel doll and Eric doll, which are sold separately. To head to Ariel's grotto below, flip up the ship's top and open the sides. Then attach the translucent blue slide for easy passage into the undersea area. There is a Flounder character piece that swings out as well as a vanity with double-sided mirror and a treasure chest for storing Ariel's treasures, such as a fork/comb, a bottle of perfume, and a fan. Open the silvery platter to find Sebastian on a bed of lettuce, just like the scene from the movie. The playset also comes with a bed and starfish pillow, a tiara, and two necklaces. The playset closes up and locks when playtime is over.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute way for fans of The Little Mermaid to engage in imaginative play with Ariel on both land and under the sea. The playset comes with lots of accessories, but you can't really do much with them, or anything else with the playset, unless you have The Little Mermaid dolls, which are sold separately.

Who It’s For

Ariel's 2-in-1 Royal Ship is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This took us 20 minutes to assemble. The instructions are only picture instructions and can be difficult to follow. We had some difficulty getting some of the pieces to snap together. The jellyfish chandelier refused to stay up. And the Flounder character piece that is supposed to swing out when you flip the ship into "undersea" mode pops off every time you try to swing it out.

We had a hard time closing and locking the ship. There is a piece on the bottom that gets stuck between the ship's locking mechanism, so parents will need to shove that up and out of the way in order to successfully close and lock the ship. Also, not all of the pieces fit inside the closed ship, so you'll need another storage method for the extras.

The boat does not float and is not for use in water.

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