Math Dice Powers Practice Edition Review (ThinkFun)

What It Is

Math Dice Power's Practice Edition is an ingenious dice game that drills kids in math and arithmetic and encourages creative reasoning around numeric functions. The concept is simple. The Power's Practice Edition is designed to drill kids in exponents, which are generally introduced in school as part of a pre-algebra class, often in the 7th or 8th grades. To play, roll the two 12-sided target dice and use the blue die as the base number and the red die as the exponent. For example, 7 to the second power or 49. This is your target number. Then roll the three six-sided dice and try to create an equation that comes as near to the target number as possible. In our case, we rolled a three, a four, and a two, so we can do 3+4=7 to the second power, which equals 49. The highest you'll go on the red die is the third power, so many kids will be able to do the arithmetic in their heads. The game comes with five dice and a storage pouch.

Is It Fun?

This is definitely a game for math fans, but it has terrific classroom or math practice applications. It's also a terrific drilling tool because of the random nature of the dice rolls.

Who It’s For

Math Dice Power's Practice Edition is for ages 10 and up. There's no reason that kids that young shouldn't play with this as long as they understand the basic concepts of exponents.

What To Be Aware Of

As simple as they are, the rules aren't very specific as to whether or not each player gets to try with the same numbers or how many rolls they get. But we think this really lends itself to creating house rules or creating variations. For example, can you play with scratch paper or not?

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