Bugs in the Kitchen with Hexbug Review (Ravensburger)

What It Is

Bugs in the Kitchen is a three-dimensional board game from Ravensburger, and in this game, the main bug is actually a battery-operated Hexbug that moves around the maze-like board. If you are familiar with Hexbugs, they are animatronic insects that vibrate and move just like real creepy crawlers. In the game, players become exterminators and it's up to you to not only trap the bug but do it before your opponents. The board game features 24 rotating utensils that you'll turn to redirect the bug toward your trap. There are four traps around the corners of the board, featuring bread, cheese, sardines, and treats.

Start the game with all utensils facing upright on the board. Drop the Hexbug into the center of the board game and it's time to battle. Take turns rolling the dice to turn the rotating utensils and direct the bug toward your trap and away from your opponents. What you roll determines which utensil you'll turn. You can roll a fork, knife, spoon, or question mark. The question mark is wild and you can choose any utensil to turn. Make the right moves and catch the bug in your trap and you've earned yourself one bug token. Reset the board game and recommence play. The first player to earn five tokens is the winner.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun and fast-paced board game that's suited for the whole family. We like how it's taken the fun of Hexbugs and created a game around the already popular electronic critters.

Who It’s For

While the suggested age is 6, we think with some parent supervision the game play is simple enough to skew younger as well. Little kids will especially get a kick out of the excitement of watching the bug scurry around the board.

What To Be Aware Of

If there are less than four people playing, use the included doors pieces to block the necessary traps. For two players choose traps facing each other. The idea being that you'll confine the bug more and speed up the gameplay.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy