Edutab LCD Review (Jupiter Creations)

What It Is

The Edutab LCD is a multi-function learning pad designed to look like a tablet complete with pretend 3G network and battery life indicators. It has a colorful touchscreen with a QWERTY keypad and a screen at the top. The company calls this tablet "LCD", but the screen isn't an LCD screen. It's really just a pixilated black-and-white screen. There are 60 different activities and games that kids can play, ranging in topics from letters, numbers, math, music, typing, games, and more. To play any of these activities, kids type in the number of the activity they wish to play. All 60 activities and their corresponding numbers are listed in the user manual. For quick play, kids can also press the typing button on the pad to practice letter recognition, press the notes button to make music, and press the music button to hear different songs and watch animations on the screen. The toy also has a clock feature and volume control. All of the activities and games can also be played in Spanish. Just press the Idioma/Language button to change between English and Spanish. The Edutab LCD is available in pink or blue.

Is It Fun?

There are lots of activities for kids to play on this toy, helping preschoolers with letters, words, numbers, math, and more. The bilingual feature is nice for young Spanish speakers or as a way to introduce preschoolers to the Spanish language.

However, all the information about how to access the 60 activities and how to play them is in the user manual. But most 3-year-olds can't read all that information on their own and so will need help from mom and dad in order to play. We wish this toy was a little more user-friendly and easier for young kids to pick up and play without needing to refer to the instruction manual.

Who It’s For

The Edutab LCD is for ages 3 and up. Some of the content, such as the multiplication and division activities, will be a little too advanced for preschoolers. And kids who are old enough to be learning multiplication and division in school might find this toy too baby-ish, especially when there are lots of other tablet-like toys on the market engaging kids in math practice and using more advanced technology.

What To Be Aware Of

Three AA batteries are included for the in-store try-me features. It's recommended that you replace them before you play for best results.

When you turn on the Edutab LCD, the words on the screen are in Spanish. Press the Idioma/Language button to change to English.

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    3 AA batteries required