Creepy Bugs Window Art Review (Faber-Castell)

What It Is

With The Creepy Bugs Window Art kit from Creativity for Kids, kids can create different types of bugged-out window art. There are two types of window art you can use this kit to make: window clings using the included bug-shaped stencils or three petri dishes.

To make a window cling, insert the pattern sheet into the double-sided plastic holder. Choose your design, grab your outline pen, and gentle squeeze the paint out as you trace the insect. Then set it aside to dry- this will take about a half hour to dry or longer depending on how much paint you used. The first few times you use the outline paint it may come out too thick. Take your time. You can always spread the paint around.

Once the outline is dry, color it in using the multiple neon paint pens, including glow-in-the dark green, orange, and yellow. To prevent any mixing, as the instructions suggest, either use different colors on the portioned off areas or allow additional dry time before you add another color to the same portion. Once it's dry, peel your design off the plastic backing and you have a cool creepy window cling to display.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun crafty kit that will appeal to boys and girls alike. And with necessary dry-time, it's the kind of craft project that can easily be extended over the course of a few days to keep your kids entertained.

We also like that while there are stencils to help you get started with your window cling designs, you can just as easily draw your own designs to trace, allowing for more open-ended creativity.

Who It’s For

Creepy Bugs Window Art kit is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

How thickly you apply the paint will determine how many pieces of window art you can make. The black outline paint will go more quickly because it will be the most used, although two pens are included.

The rounded patterns on one side of the pattern sheet are intended for petri dish designs.

The glow-in-the-dark paint is a bit thicker so you can also use it for outlining and filling in spaces.

The other paint colors will appear lighter while painting but dry in more vibrant colors.

The included suction cup backings to hang your petri dish designs don't have the best suction power. Try cleaning the glass as the directions suggested to improve their sticking power.

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