Disney iHome Perry the Platypus Rechargeable Speaker Review (eKids)

What It Is

The Disney iHome Perry the Platypus Rechargeable Speaker is from eKids, a division of KIDdesigns. The speaker details that will specifically appeal to Phineas and Ferb fans include Perry the Platypus' classic look, with his bill and eyes decaled across the speakers front, and rubbery wisps of hair on top of the speaker. The four-inch tall speaker runs on a rechargeable battery, which you can charge up by connecting the mini USB cable to the speaker and connecting the larger USB plug to any USB port. A red light on the speaker will indicate it's charging and turn white when it's ready for use. To use the speaker, connect the stereo audio plug into the headphone jack or line-out of any audio device. Turn the power on and press the play button on your audio device.

Is It Fun?

For fans of Disney's Phineas and Ferb, this is a great pint-sized speaker to play their favorite tunes from while showing some love for their favorite crime-fighting platypus as a piece of room décor. And despite the speaker's small size, we found the sound quality to be crisp and clean.

Who It’s For

The Disney iHome Perry the Platypus Rechargeable Speaker is for ages 9 and up. So, despite the look of this mini sound system, it is not a toy.

What To Be Aware Of

You can play music through the speaker while it's charging.

You'll need to adjust the volume via your own audio device—from mp3 players to smartphones, tablets, computers, handheld gaming devices, and more. We've found the music really doesn't start coming through the speaker until at about a mid-level volume setting.

Additional mini speakers are sold separately which can be daisy-chained together to create an even greater listening experience.

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