Ghost-A-House Review (Brand 44)

What It Is

Spook all your friends this Halloween with Ghost-A-House, a ghosting activity kit. "Ghosting" is a game of haunted house tag, and the Ghost-A-House kit comes with everything you need to "ghost" your friends: an LED ghost kit, 12 door hangers, a felt goodie bag, a website registration tag, a ghostly mission sheet, and instructions.

First, you register your ghost online at This creates your own ghosting page with tracking map and haunted house. You'll need to enter your name and address for this step. Then, write out what your mission is. Maybe you're inviting people to a Halloween party or just sending out Halloween wishes. List the people you would like to have ghosted. Next, assemble your ghost and attach your tracking coin to the bag. Place the door hangers, mission, and guest list in the bag. You can also include some Halloween candy. Go to the home of your first guest, and place the ghost on the door with the bag. Ring the doorbell and run away. It's now that person's turn to register that they've been ghosted and deliver the ghost and bag to the next person on the list. After a day or two, check your ghosting online and watch as each ghosting event appears on your map. Every time the ghost moves, you'll get an email announcement.

Is It Fun?

This is a cute Halloween activity, and kids will have fun watching where their ghost has traveled on the online map. This activity could become a new Halloween tradition for your family.

Who It’s For

Ghost-A-House is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It took us 10 minutes to assemble our ghost. The instructions were not very clear.

The success of this activity does depend on your friends registering online and passing around the ghost. Hopefully, none of your friends will be party poopers, but if you're passing this around as a party invite, you might want to start the ghosting with lots of time to spare to ensure that everyone you wanted to invite gets invited in time.

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