Fisher-Price Little People I-JIG Interactive Puzzle System Review (TCG)

What It Is

The Fisher-Price Little People I-JIG from TCG is an interactive electronic puzzle system that features three different interactive modes of play. Turn on the puzzle base by flipping the red switch, located on the bottom right of the base. Then press the red mode button to switch between each mode. In Touch & Explore Mode, kids start by inserting either the red or yellow puzzle key, which corresponds to one of two puzzles: Farm Fun and Play Ground. As kids move through the puzzle the puzzle system prompts kids with phrases such as "You did it" and "Great job."

Press the mode button again to move into mode two: Find & Seek. In this game, the I-JIG will ask interactive questions and kids must press down on the correct icon to answer the question. If they get it wrong, the puzzle will announce what they actually pressed and say, "Try again."

Press the mode button again to go to mode three. This mode features one of two games depending on which puzzle you are using: Animal Catch for Farm Fun and Say & Do for Play Ground. In Say & Do, kids can press on the different characters, who will prompt kids to do a different action such as "Dance like a ballerina."

Is It Fun?

There are a lot of great learning components delivered in this interactive puzzle and throughout the different play modes. The I-JIG has kids thinking and problem solving, enhancing their hand-eye coordination, and recognizing shapes and sounds.

Who It’s For

The Fisher-Price Little People I-JIG is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each puzzle must be completely pieced together in order to play in modes two and three.

In order to hear the prompts throughout the puzzle, kids must press down on exactly the right spot of the puzzle piece in order to hear the sounds, which are indicated by the dots. We think for kids on the lower end of the age spectrum, this may be a bit difficult to understand at first. You'll also need to press down fairly hard on each spot. We suggest a parent assist and play along.

There was a misprint in our instruction's guide in mode 1. We spoke to the manufacturer to clarify that the I-JIG does not actually play reward sound effects when the puzzles are completed as indicated in the guide.

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