smarTrike Safari Review (smarTrike)

What It Is

The smarTrike Safari is a four-in-one stroller and tricycle that grows with your child. At 10 months, it is a push trike that is controlled by the parent. The seat has a high back to support your baby. There is also a sun shield, straps, and a safety bar for comfort and security. The footrests provide stability for baby's feet. The included parent clutch bag is helpful for bringing along phones, diapers, bottles, and whatever else Mom or Dad might need.

At 18 months, the sun shield can be removed, and the handle bar can be unlocked so your child can control the steering. The seat belt is adjusted to make it a waist band. The safety bar and footrests remain in place.

At 24 months, parents can transform this into a training trike. The safety bar comes off and bike pedals are introduced. The parent handle bar remains so that parents can continue to guide the trike as children become comfortable with pedaling.

And when children are 30–36 months, parents can transform this into a classic trike. The lap belt remains for safety, but the parental handle bar is removed.

Other features include a bottom basket, shock-absorbing rubber wheels, a front wheel with suspension, and a washable padded seat cover. The trike's touch steering technology allows parents to easily maneuver the trike with one hand.

Is It Fun?

While this is a practical stroller/trike that will stay with your child for a long time, the overall quality of the product leaves much to be desired. The plastic is cheap and has rough edges. The bike also doesn't feel very stable, and the shock-absorbing rubber wheels don't do that great of a job. Also, the seat is not very cushioned, and the parental touch steering technology is not functional. Overall, the trike does not feel very sturdy.

Who It’s For

The smarTrike Safari is for ages 10 months–36 months.

What To Be Aware Of

The smarTrike Safari is available at Toys "R" Us.

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