Imaginetics Day at the Beach Review (International Playthings)

What It Is

Imaginetics is a line of magnetic playboards that come in a variety of themes, including Day at the Beach. This playboard set comes with 51 colorful magnets to help kids create a beach scene. Kids can easily move the magnets around as they play. When open, the playboard measures 18 inches by 12.75 inches. Close the playboard up with all the magnets inside for easy storage.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun way for kids to get creative and come up with their own beach-themed stories. Imaginetics Day at the Beach will engage preschoolers in lots of open-ended play.

Who It’s For

Imaginetics Day at the Beach is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

An adult will need to punch out all of the magnets.

Even though this has a carry handle for taking the playboard and magnets on the go, there is nothing to keep the playboard securely together. If children are carrying and swinging this around, there is a chance that some of the magnets might come loose. You may want to store the magnets separately in a zip-top bag to ensure that you don't lose any.