Cutie Pops Crown Cuties Pearlina Review (Jada Toys)

What It Is

Pearlina is part of the Cutie Pops Crown Cuties collection from Jada Toys. While Cutie Pops are known for their signature pop, swap, and style accessories, the Crown Cuties collection adds onto the fun with hair play. Pearlina features a style crown, a hair and share hair braid and two hair clips, a pair of extra "accessor-eyes," and eight style pops. Pop out the styles pops on Pearlina's dress, move them around, or swap them with additional pops to give the doll a new look. The accesor-eyes can also be swapped with the included extra pair for a different look. The Crown Cuties collection also centers on the fun of hair play. With two long side pink and purple streaked pigtails, you can twist and style Pearlina's hair around her crown into tons of different looks using the included clips and braid.

Is It Fun?

The interchangeable features of Cutie Pops adds a fun feature to classic doll play, allowing kids to quickly change up the doll's look. We think the fun heart-shapes of the pops add a cute component to the swap and pop play that is well suited for younger kids engaging in fashion play. We also like that the Crown Cutie's feature hair accessories that little kids can also wear. Because the pieces are interchangeable as well we think kids will also have fun trading and collecting more characters and accessories in this line.

This is a terrific first fashion doll line. The pops are easy to use, and everything has been designed with younger girls in mind.

Who It’s For

Cutie Pops Crown Cuties Pearlina is for ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional Cutie Pops Crown Cuties include Crystalina.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy