Furby Boom! Review (Hasbro)

What It Is

Furby Boom! is the latest introduction in Hasbro's popular and growing Furby line. The toy is an updated version of the Furby that was re-launched in 2012. This time around, it's basically the same toy, but it's got a little more personality, a larger vocabulary, and somewhat clearer speech, at least, to our ears. It's still the charming, whimsical, and totally silly character Furby has always been, and that's really good to see.

What makes Furby Boom! different from previous versions of this toy is the free app, appropriately named Furby Boom!, that is designed to work with the toy. It works on iOS and Android devices. We found the first iteration of the app a little bit frustrating, but we’ve got good news. Habro has released an update that solves virtually all the problems and creates a great play experience that’s all about interacting with your Furby and raising a whole crop of little ones called Furblings. When you name your Furby in the app, he (or she) will remember the name. You can nurture the Furby through the app—feeding, washing and entertaining it—and checking its levels of happiness. The central activity in the app, hatching and raising Furblings, has 48 of them in all. Like Furby itself, they need to be cared for and played with. You get Furblings, which for now exist only virtually, by collecting and hatching eggs. While the collecting and nurturing these Furblings can seem complicated, fans of the toy and the app can immerse themselves in the world and create an engaging play experience, even building their own Furbling city.

Is It Fun?

What’s fun about this is that kids have several different play options—play with the Furby alone, play with Furby and the app, or play with the app alone. The updated app works fluidly, and puts kids in control of the play experience. As the app continues to grow and evolve, look for even more silly fun with Furby—not to mention many more versions of the original toy.

Who It’s For

Furby Boom! is for ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Four AA batteries are required but not included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA batteries required