NFL Rush Zone Board Game Review (Toy Island)

What It Is

NFL Rush Zone Board Game captures the excitement on the field and teaches players the rules of NFL football along the way. Players split into teams and a coin flip starts the game. For the kickoff, both teams roll their green die and take the difference of the two dice to determine how to move: touchback, defensive stop, or catch and run. To drive to the end zone, each team uses their three white dice and roll head to head. Each roll counts as a down. After three downs (three rolls), if the offense has the most points, it's a first down. If the defense is higher, it's fourth down. To play a fourth down, each team rolls its green die and adds that number to the total white dice number. Again, if the offense has the higher number, it's first down. If the defense is higher, it's a turnover. You also use the green die to "kick" a field goal or punt. If the offense moves into the defender's end zone, it's a touchdown and the offense gets six points. The offense can then take the extra point or roll the green die to try for a two-point conversion. The team that scores the most points after the fourth quarter wins. The game includes stickers for all 32 NFL teams so you can adorn each end zone with your favorite teams.

Is It Fun?

We were excited to play this game. However, we were disappointed. This is essentially a dice game with limited strategy. Yes, you have to decide whether to go forward or punt, but it's really a random game all about luck.

Who It’s For

NFL Rush Zone Board Game is for football fans ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game is for two to six players, but we really think it's better with only two players. Otherwise, you have a lot of players sitting around and watching instead of playing.

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