Disney Infinity Review (Disney Interactive)

What It Is

Disney Infinity is the most ambitious gaming initiative that Disney has ever launched and the whole thing revolves around character figures from different Disney and Pixar movies. When any of the figures are placed on the Disney Infinity Base, they pop into the game and become the playable characters.

Infinity literally begins with a single spark that you control. As you move around, you light up a world and bring it to life. In the distance, there's an arch and without any instructions, you know to head towards it. You will find Mickey Mouse waiting and the words, "Imagination becomes reality" appear. All of this is the game's prelude and happens before you even place a figure on the base. It's enough to show you that this is going to be a huge game.

The game itself is divided into two main modes; there are story-driven adventures that take place in the character's movie worlds, which are called Play Sets and then there's the Toy Box.

The Play Sets are accessed by placing a Play Set piece on the Base with a figure. This will open that figures world where multiple mission-based adventures can be played. Each Play Set game is in itself a large game that could stand alone as a full game. The missions are as unique to each world as the characters themselves so you will be battling robots and saving citizens in the Incredibles Play Set, dealing with your Fear Tech rivals in the Monsters University Play Set and setting off on a swash-buckling adventure in the Pirates Play Set. If you remove a Play Set piece from the base, you return to the Toy Box. The Toy Box is what makes Infinity so unique and interesting. It's a huge, open world where you are free to do whatever you want. You build the world from the ground up by placing different building blocks. The blocks range from small pieces of land to Cinderella's castle. As you play games in the Play Sets, you find and collect items to add to the Toy Box. These items and the blocks allow you to create whatever you want from cities to forests. You can also create your own video games, like a racing game, and invite up to three other friends to play it or help build it.

Is It Fun?

Both of the main modes in Infinity are fun for their own reasons. Play Set games allow Disney and Pixar fans to enter the worlds of some of their favorite movies. Once in, you get to explore settings and interact with familiar characters who lead you through the story-driven series of missions.

Playing in the Toy Box is an immersive experience where you can build whatever you can imagine. You can choose to build Cinderella's castle piece by piece or opt for the pre-constructed version found in the inventory. You can then create a lush world of rivers by placing terrains and plants or build a bustling metropolis of skyscrapers and sidewalks. You will even find people in the Toy Box that can be placed around your world to populate it. Your Toy Box will be stocked with more than enough items to get started and as you play in the Play Sets; you are constantly finding new items to bring into your Toy Box.

Up to four people can enter the Toy Box together, which is great for large building projects or if you want to create and play your own games. The Toy Box provides items like race track pieces, soccer goals and giant slingshots that can all be used to create a game with its own set of goals.

Who It’s For

Infinity is rated E 10+ and a must play for Disney fans, ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

There are five different Play Sets available at launch, which include The Incredibles, Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and The Lone Ranger.

There are currently 17 figures with more planned for release in the near future.

The game is sold in a variety of different pack options but not all options include the game disc. The Starter Pack comes with everything you need including 3 figures and their Play Sets.

Up to four people can play together in the Toy Box and Play Set games are for one and two players. As we stated earlier, this is a huge game. In addition to the two main modes there's also a Hall of Heroes that evolves as you play, the ability to level up your character figures and additional games for each figure that can be accessed from the Toy Box.

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  • Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive
  • Rated EC for Early Childhood
  • Available on: Nintendo 3DSNintendo WiiNintendo Wii UPCPlaystation 3Xbox 360
  • Available August 18, 2013