Color Splasherz Hair Salon Review (The Maya Group)

What It Is

With the Color Splasherz Hair Salon, kids can use warm water and ice-cold water to create color-change effects on hair extensions and hair accessories. The kit comes with four color-change hair extensions, four color-change hair clips, a hairband, four small hair clips, 10 color-change pop-ins, four ice stampers, a small brush, and a spray bottle.

To activate the color-change features, fill one of the water basins on the Hair Salon with warm water (above 95 degrees) and the other basin with ice-cold water and one or two ice cubes. Place the ice stampers in the ice-cold water. Fill the spray bottle with ice-cold water.

Bring a hair extension to its warm temperature color by immersing it in the warm water. Let it dry, and then brush it flat. You can use the spray bottle to spray free-form patterns over the hair. Or you can press an ice stamper onto the hair to create shapes. The color-change effects will stay until kids change them back. Kids can then wear the hair extensions by looping them onto a large hair clip and attaching the clip to their hair.

Kids can also dip the hair clips and pop-ins in the warm water or ice-cold water to change their color and create designs. Then snap the pop-ins into the small hair clips or the hair band.

Kids can also twist two hair extensions together. Attach two hair extensions to a large hair clip and attach the clip to the top of the twisting stand. Then attach the ends of the extensions to the two clamps on the spinning base. Turn the crank and press the button until the extensions are twisted all the way. Then secure the bottom with a smaller hair clip.

Is It Fun?

This gives kids the chance to create and design their own hair accessories and hair extensions. While other color-change toys lose the color-change effect after a few minutes, the items in the Color Splasherz Hair Salon kit keep the effect indefinitely, which kids will really like. However, we don't like that you have to wait for the hair extensions to dry in order to create the effects on them. It takes awhile for them to fully dry. You can still dip the hair extensions in the ice-cold water, but the ice stampers don't work well unless the hair is dry. And even then, they sometimes create more of a blob than a specific shape.

Who It’s For

The Color Splasherz Hair Salon is for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

For twisting the hair extensions, the directions say to turn the crank handle and press the green button. But the button is actually blue.

Some assembly is required. It took us five minutes to put together.

Because this toy involves water, make sure you are playing in an area where it's okay to get wet.