Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game Review (Wonder Forge)

What It Is

Kids can go on a treasure hunt with Jake when they play the Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game. The object of the game is to be the player with the most Dubloons at the end of the game. The game, for two to four players, comes with five treasures with bases, 12 Dubloons, a treasure map that doubles as a storage bag, a foam sword, a spyglass decoder, and a sand timer.

To play, set up the treasure map by placing a Dubloon face-down on each square. Then all players together take the five treasures and put them in different spots around the house. For example, in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Then, all players return to the treasure map and take turns flipping over two Doubloons to try and make a match.

There are five treasure Dubloons and five secret Doubloons. If you flip over a secret Dubloon, look at it through the spyglass to reveal the treasure that is pictured. If you match a secret Dubloon to a treasure Dubloon (for example, both show a trophy), show the other players and get ready to run. Grab the foam sword, flip over the sand timer, and run to get the treasure that matches the Dubloons you flipped over. You must pick it up and carry it back to the treasure map using only the sword. If you make it back before times runs out, you keep the matching Dubloons in your scoring pile. If time runs out before you get back, return the treasure to where you found it and flip the matching Dubloons back over on the map.

If you flip over the Captain Hook or Mr. Smee Dubloon, take that Dubloon for your scoring pile. Then mix up all the remaining Dubloons on the treasure map. You also get to take another turn.

If you flip over two Dubloons that don't match, flip them back over. You don't need to show any secret Doubloons you flipped over to the other players.

When all the treasures have been brought back to the treasure map, the game is over. Count the number of Dubloons each player has, and the player with the most wins.

Is It Fun?

This is a really cute matching game that also tests kids memory as they try to remember where the treasures were placed. Picking up the treasures with the sword also helps preschoolers with motor skills. Fans of Jake and the Never Land Pirates will love playing the game and pretending to go on a treasure hunt just like Jake. And when not playing the game, kids can use the game pieces for imaginative roleplay.

Who It’s For

The Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game is for Jake and the Never Land Pirates fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This game is available at Walmart.

Since this is for preschoolers, a parent or caregiver may need to assist in set up and explaining the gameplay the first times the game is played.