Even Steven’s Odd! Review (Educational Insights)

What It Is

Even Steven's Odd! is a fast dice-rolling game where players try to win dice challenges to earn cards. Each player chooses a set of six dice (three of the same color and three white) and a color-coordinated dice holder. One player flips over a challenge card and reads it aloud. Some challenge cards have a star in the corner to indicate that these are easiest. For example, roll all threes. The cards without stars are a little harder. For example, the colored dice must add up to 15 and the white dice must add up to seven. Then all players roll their dice as many times as necessary to complete the dice challenge, placing each correct die into their holders as they go. The player who completes the challenge and grabs the Steven figure first wins the round and keeps the challenge card. The player with the most cards after 10 rounds wins the game.

Even Steven's Odd! comes with 24 dice, 40 challenge cards, four dice holders, and a Steven figure. The game is for two to four players.

Is It Fun?

The fast-paced play of this game makes it a lot of fun and also challenging. It's all in the luck of the roll, so you'll need a quick eye to find the dice you need to keep and then an even quicker hand to re-roll any leftover dice. The harder challenge cards are a good way to help players, both kids and adults, practice math skills.

Who It’s For

Even Steven's Odd! is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

This game is available at Amazon.com.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy